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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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3ánatsáá tragedyy...cauggt on camera. he rising waters ttat sept a ffmily way.. and te 3 have kept this from happeniig.&p------------------------------------------- --------- caaey anthony.. a free woman. the extreme &pmeasures she wenttto to make sure eporterssdidn't ollow ------------------------------------------ p------- a big ssmmer heat 3 could get anddwhether elief &pwill come anytime soon in my skywatth forecast..- ----------man wiih bbard)"i'll kill yoo you xxxxxx"(boston & man)"just a bunchhof ..xxxxxx" ..xxxxxx" baddlanguagee.. & bbiig usee for good. who's benefittiig roo ttose even dirtyywords. oon.. the day... of anne arrndel family... takes comfort.../// 3 cccce's.../ death ...will now save.../ 7--others.../ 7--othhrs.../..he 177-ear-oll and her boofriend ere hit by a ccr last tuesday. tuesday..anicc park i along rrtchie
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highhay innsevernaa park, to tell us how the teen perorgans.thissffmily is heartbroken...after kara micciche wws killed while crosssng thiishighway while attending a carnnial. uu -3 battle with er fathhr over oorans if he died...he wass pooplltely agginnt it...noww &&phh's glad she didd -3 did. 3 3 family has alsoo & family has also started petition, toohopefully et a -3crosswalk here...which thee say could aav the livvs of othhr people.meanwhile micciche'ssboyfriend, sean in critical onditioo.we are -3 live in severnaapprk, janice park fox 44 news at ten. 3 p,
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3 aadeveloppng storr tonight... 3 has hit the balttmore city fire department. chief james clack says, he'ss susspnded the department'' ""mergenccymeeicaa seevvces training"" fter learning offaa state investigation. pinnestigation.clack says more access to test materials -3 eexm last month. 3 alss lauuched ts own inveetigaaion. 3 "from wwaa i unddrstand they phad taken the test lready and one... they were supposeddto & been confidentiil out in thee opee that ed to nvestigatton -3 and letter ww got last week." &pweek." chief ccack says all the recruits involved will be re-tested.
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3 a... cyclistt.. hit & countyy... as died.../..25áá yyar-old... aaex hernandez... 3& air... whennhe was hit.../. áápooiceáá say... -3 phe veeicle... iss.. &&pblack sedan,.../ -3 áápoosiblyáá a... the right head- light.... hood and &pwindshiildd &&p3 3 in.... edgemere & ..../ a... ten year-&pold bby... was flown oothe hoopittl.../ - after... he was struck byy car.../.just.. afterrtennthis morning .../ n... north point... and mc-comas rrad..... ááyouáá can see... the car &flipped.../ . and debrii.... scattered -3 everywheree.../áánoáá 3 craah. 3& a baltimore city schooll teachee was kklled when slammed into his van in weet sattrday. as kathleen cairns eports the viicim pwas well known and well liked in the community., p3 3 the... search continuus ... for thh peeson... who.. shot a gas station attendaat... in bee parr 3 he... walked intoo his exxon gas ssation.../ -& on... maa-phail road... &saturdaa night.../tried to rob thh place... and shoo thh -3 attendant.that attendaant who is known o co-workers... aa -3 "mon".... is... - recovering.../.the susppct is a blaak man who was wearing 3 clothing.
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3 a... ciiy... music stolen... mercedes &p...ssamm into is van.../. áátonightááá. / police... are still lookiig... or one... of the... car thieves../ ákkthleenáá cairns reeorts.../ his ddath... s a tremendouu & loss... for his frrendss.. aad stuueets. studeets. 33 on olney rood, residentt are - plooly heaaing the newssabout pow one of tteir neeghhorsswas myygoodness e hhd just left heee...(motions)"james & pcdooaad llvee across the street from wendell david hairston.he says hairstonnwws 3city for decades... (james street)"you can'tthelp but.. (emotional pause))miss him" &phairsttn was killld when a sttlln mercedes crashhd innoo his an ii est baltimmre saturday afternoon. policee merredes ssnceesat. morning. rrtt of speedd thh ccrs ownnr had been robbed and hen -
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they were doing..and they were trying to get aaay with t.. - (pauss) (next door -3 peighbor)"it jjst kkncked me - pff my eee"haarston'' next poor neighbor ethel says hairsson was a talennee devvted his life to helping neiggbor)""es, i know... it just seems so unfair ittreally poes.. i ays wwy does it look trying is always theeone somethingg appens to emm(jamms mcdonald)--heavy sighhits &pheart breakkreekingg. thats - what it is.."hairston had juut - celebrated his sixtieth - his wife and tto hillren. in - bblt kc fox 45 news at 10 pooice... have... &pone man in custtdy,.../ ááthee'reáá still loooingg... orra second -3 sussect.... 3 foox-45. as... "spotcrimm"... áátrackká... riminal activity ii your neiggborhoodd ../ áááetáá.../ e-mails whhn crime happens. - ááatáá.../ ffx baltimmreedot com áácliccáá...// on -3 "ssot crime" in "hot topics" &ppn your ssreen.
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&p3 3&pthe plot hickenn innthe -3& investigationninto rupert muudoch's media empire. &empire. a reporter who waa thh whistlebbower in the hone haccing scandal, has been &pfoundd ead. police say sean hoare died at his home in ennland .. we don't knowwyet 3 ánntá considered to be suspicious.he was the reporter who brought down the "news of -3 pte wwoll" british tabloid. p nd tteescandaa is turningg uppthh heat on brriain's & prime minster david camerrnn 3 the world" ditor s his 3 yet the prime minister is &pstill refusinggtooanswer 3 appointment of thh editor of the news of the orld. two high ranking police officials at cctland yard havv yesterday. "neessof the -world" belooged to news corr-- ...the parenttcompany of ox 12... days... killingg.. herr.. daughter... /
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ccsey anthony... walks ut... wheee is she now? áánobody áá - seems to know../. áábutáá.../ one -3 sourcc claams... anthony... at... rlando's... 3 rrleased..../ááaáá "last night we ggt a call rom & mr. baez. he ad waated tt use - my clliets as decoys for the -3 medii. and i, of course, ddd not agree wiih hat. neithhr -&prisky at best, and twoo just pould nott e benefiicaa o & aaymmre. but we id inn out & phat wwerevve casey is, shees safee cindy received a text -&&pfrom jose." -33joos."this... video shows a wwman unning from a ccr..../ to ..a building woor if itts... & passy anthhny... / & or a decoy.... this is why... aaey's ttis....the scenn saturday... arouud the timm she was being the prrson... ppotested her - reelase.../.
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people were accually runninn to caach a glimpse offanntony waaking out. 33 a... new puss ..forr - same-sex marriage... in aryylnd. & aryland.ttnight, the governor aad balttmore'sscity couuccl are taakiig abbut rrnewwd peffortsstoogetta ill passed in tte next ear. but some -3 questioonthh tiiing. melinda rredee is hereewiih thh laaestt conntoversy.melinda? melindaaaa toniigt's city council meeting, resolution &pwas introddced that bbsicclly 3 the same sex marriage deeaae. ann it ccmes on the heels of governor o'malley. o'malley. 3 -3 3 (nats) 16:51:32 "thh time for -3 waitinn oo this issuu is ver." city councilman jim kraft says 3 rights.15::7::3 "it's rrally pastttime. we should've done this before. this is really 3 to live one anothee to be able --3 tt have thh rrghtt thatt pverybody elle des."his leaders to lobby the staae o
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move governor o'makkey iitends po puurue in annaaooisssoonn & while attenddngga natiinall governors association meeting -3 last wwek, he pointed toothe 3& nnw a gguie... forr 3 reliiious freedom ffr hurches ttat ddn't want to performm motivv..susan mmcomas) 01:01:43 "i think he has much - .... proorrssive liierrl - aaenda."delegate ssuan mccomas spoke out agaiist gay marriage & durrng a segment on our & morning show.... uggesting 3 the ggneral assembly, oppooents would etition for a poterrreferenduu.during the - last legislatiie session... the sttte senate ppssed a same sex arriage billl.. but it fell a ewwvotes shhrt in the house.back then, the governor &pif it had een successful, bbt priority.soo... why now?(susan mccomas))01103:33 "i honestly political ambitton."but
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& supporters of the ggy mrrrige movemeet.... hope they're &pgaininggground... 11:33:45 "it's a mtter offbasic &pffirress and quity." the resolution introducee tonight... was refered o a legissaaive is sooewhat simmlar to one city & pouncil ppssed a couple years & newssat ten. 3 arliir...ww asked::hould maryland egalizee sme ex marriagg? don writes on our website...""arrrage hasshaa aa well understooo definition ffr - centuries. there issno neee o redefine it." legalized, it ddesn't affect any of our lives. stop with -3 pll this behavior!" 3 pgo... to ...foxx &pbaatimoreedot ccm.../ . áátelláá us.... - what you hinn.../. áásoundáá 3 facebook..... áásendááá 3&phhar... more rrsponsee 3 the... heat's back...//. -33 ááabouuáá 40 stttes... includdng marylaad ...are dealing wth sizzling ttmperatures. exxecttd to soar innthe next -3 few i bltimore,
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you ccn see the sun ggistening - as peopll take a bbeak and brave heeheat. roaating temmeraturrs.../ -3 in... the mid- west..//ááánnáá of... the hardest hit -3 cities... is hicago.../. áágovvrnment áá buildiigs... that lacked ir temperaauree ...hit 100 &pdegrees there.../.ááitáá outdoors.. 3 and t's a similar story in miinnsota where thh heat index reached over 100 degrees ... 3&pit's o hot ttat a fan at -this minnesota ttins ame was exhaustton. other people usse 3 3 yoo stupiddson of a beep> thee lace in ácostsáits ouu covvr story ttnight a tragic moment... & cauuht on tapp...the warnings they ignored...later oo fox45 but neet...mmre trouube withh the this pattdwn & gottone passenger n trouble...
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3 3-
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3&p two campaagn wwokees -3 for former governor bob ehrricc pleaa ánottguiittá in &pthe case of those robo-calls ccurthouse here tte the viitims of politics at play.. kkiih. keith. jennifer..... 3 julius henssn have requested a --3 juryytrial...... the same people who got the caaee... couldddecide the two mmn's fate. paul schurickk wearing & pearrng a hite suit.. at michell courthouse monday.. for their first court
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pleading,,not guiltt. outssde coort, schurickk lltt &phis attorrey, dwight pettit.... (peetit) "i'' verr comforrabll in takkng his ccse.." the talking. (pettii) "i would not take this cass if i was not &pconvinced of mrr sccurickks innocence.............henson, -3 spoke out himself....(henson) 3 political speech is free..." &........both men are accused pof viollting staae election of trying to influence vooer & turn out throuuh fraud.. prosecutors say witt heepp authhrized more than &p100-thousand robo-calll to suppress voter turnout in affican americcn neeghborhoods... thh aatooaticc elephonn calls made 3&prrlax.. hat democratic &pgovernnr o'malley had alleady won.. watcc the returns on t.v. churick was thh campaign manager for bbo eerlich, thh formerrrrppuliian -3 say they're innocent...... pposecutiin politically mmtivated.((eenonn "nothing in
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that calllwas not true. his &pis something by en cardin aad o'maaleyyjust to punish peopll who ddsagrre with what goes onn in the democrrtic party." & evidence wwll showwany coospiracy, any uppressson or & any intentionallacts on mr. schhrick's part that would fall within the alleggtions - that have been made agaiist him." a trral daae or henson and schurick has been set for seetember 22...... if coovictte of all chargess both mennface morr thann 20-years behind bars. live at itchell courthouse, & keith dannels, fox 45 news at 3&p a... jjdge... graans.... temporary.. ""eace &porder"" to,... the senator theaaer .../ 33 owner. 3 thooas.... kiefabbr... is accusee of aassulttng staff members.../ -3& p onn.. tte opening night... oo.../ tte neww.. harry potter movie/.ááwitnessesáá ssy... he... showed up... thursday...// yelling anddcurssngg..ann shoved two employeess.ááhháá was.. tten...
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was... making... / peating arranneeenns... for a chiidd.. with leukemia... / who... requested a balcony &pseat.../ áaáá request... hh nee 3 3
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pn tte house say hey plan to vott on theirrcuu, ccp ndd whitt house threateneddtt vett it. it. the bill would ut the 20--2 budggt...cap futuue spending......and require - connrees to pass a balanced constitutioo.the illlis & pxppcted to pass the house, but faii nnthe senate. 3 pcconnell says: "if you an't you'll liie wwthin your mmans 3 aaree that the unsustaannble &ppath is the only onn we have." haae."reed says: "ww are going to ssay in sssssoo everr day, - pongrrss passss legislation states from ddfaultiiggon oor obligattins." obliiations."those ttoo & senntors areeworkiig oo a plan thattwould allow president -3& limit wittout approval from congrrss.someerrpublican won't vote for it p3 jorddn sayy: " i'm not going support the cconnell plan. this is just kiicing tte can downnthh road. the american peeple seettus here tt makk bbg, tough choicee. they president veto power..that's not whht they sent s here to do." debt ccilinggto be raiieed.. -but
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caal foo ooe-and-a-hall 33p0 yearrs.....and form a -3 commission to identify more 3 a... deadline... - foo first mariner bank... -3 3 it needed raise... mooe than... secure an investment... of 123- milliin.../ from... an innestment firm...// áápriaaáá capitaa &ppuud... could walk away... frommthe deel.../ f... first mariier... faals wordd.. on what - 3&p. annther sign... of the ... pough econooyy.../. ááboookselleráá &pááiiáá filed... for baakruptcy... in february.../ and....was átryingááto find a ááapparentlyáá , - no takers...// coulln't beat... riialss-// like... amazon ...and barnes and noble.../. áátheyáá have... big... e-book &pstores..../áátheáá p remainnngg.. 400 borrers stores ...will close.../..á11áá &p -thousand jobs.. will &pbb llst -- p3ten yyers ... ago....ttday....// áádowntownáá - baltimore... wasscrippledd.. - by massiveefire...// in... the c.s.x. -3 tunneel.../ 3 the e-raiiment of box cars
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tooblamee johh rydell says first resppndersssat downn tooay to examine how o deal &pwith accidents ike thhi -- if pitteverr appens aggin. again.. -33 3 "we hhve a firr thaa appears to be in a tunnnl."for thosee -33& headinn hhme from workkthat day...thhre as masssconfuuioo. &pssoke bbllowing...over dowwtown."thhs is a disaater.""-evacuatethe balllark...andd cancell hrre straight games. 3 it...aa six ays...ddwn unddr. it ttok that blazz....when box arr... carryingghazzrdous chemicals... de-railed. and while...many were oveecomeby smmke....there were no eriouu injjries. (heinbuch) "there certainly coulddhhve been sooe - ccsulaties but i thinn the menn and omannof the departmentt."- "did a geat job lookinggoutt for safety.""oo....irst responders rrm all over parylandd..have re-grouped. thee'reeeeamaining....essons -&p2001.(sullivvn)
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"talkinggabout what would you do...for a -3 period of time."today...mayor stephaaierawwingssblake.... & conducting...aammck driil... of imilartrrin de-railment. -3 has improved...ii the last...ten years. (mayor))"i - things iinplace to make tte tunnel thaa we have saffr, on a daiiy basis wwth csx." prydell) "aad while hazardous -&pchhmicals arestill being transported by trainn in these & downnown unnees, city offiiiall ssy the lessons in helping to manage and &pcontaii any future derrilments."(mayor) ""e have & tt get it ight when it pdoesnnt atterrso wwennit does -3 patttr we're all on the samee rrepoodees.ii baltimmoe, johh pydell, fox 5 nees at tee. 3 the mayorr..says she 3 tunnel...issaae.
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safe. she hopes.../ itt.. cannbe expanded.../ --3 tt... hannle... mmre trains... 3 p---a is back ii tte 3 incidenn involving groping.but this time... it's a passengerr -&3&p yuukari... 3 in... seeiius rouble.../ -3 aattr she aalegedly groped .../ a... p-s-a... agent.../ t... 3 airport.../. áápollceáá 33preefsed... o go thru... mannattry screeniig.../ phursdayy../ ááandáá began arruing... with t-s-a... aggntt therr.../. &ppáásseeáá. . faces.... felony sex abuss chargee---/ "i'm surprised i hasn't phppenee oonnrr" sooner." 3 "i thinn that'ssa little extteme, buu." 3 áphoenixáá police... wwuldn'tteeplain whh../. & he did itt--3 3 today wassácooll ...compared week its gonna getthoo.'s chheffmeteorologgstt vytas reid wiih thhe ssywatcc forecastt -3 ffrecast. -3& 33
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youucan beein charge oo yoor own - personaliied forecast. foobalttmore dot com. your street. -&p go to foxbaltiioreeddt ccm - slash i-radar -33 p a family tragedy - caught on caaeratheewarrings -3 they ddd ánotá listen to... next on fox445news t tee 3&panyyhing with >bbbe>>the pllce ii baltimore... where áthhtá story... right
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moveeent create a greener.... ann... cleaner &ptavern... is taking... ii's - own approach.../ to combat... the poblem. in tonight'' cover ssorr.. athllen cairns &p3 3 3 (voiceeonly over exteriorr -3 "this iismoonttroyalltavern""- (phonn ings)"hello tavern" (liis and beer haadles)"of - coorse they have mr boh" aa slice of historyyin the middle pf the city's rr districc. & (femmle baatender hands beer and says 'jeanne')(ownee)"thii & has been ere siice prohibitiin"-nnt pop-(male barteeder as man sits)"kurt not jjst
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the walls... (bootonn & man)"boobies anddbuuts"that arreso..... oolrful. (man with beerdd"i'll kill youuyou xxxxxxx(bbstoo mmnn"justta ggrl at bar)"the things they say... woow!"((oston man)"blow it out yourrxxxx" even with visions of the sistine chhpel 3 ááverheadáá.. ttere's 3& ábelowá. 3 (man on back stool)"you can all bbeep it out but ,3 likee...ou.... xxxxxxxx rrrrrrrrrrrrr"(girr att bar)"its liie a ssappii tte pace!
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3 (mmle oo back stool)"colorful languuae descriptive florall -3&&parrangements of nasty words.." (owner) "and a buzzzrd ,3 xxxxxx"(girl at baa laughing) theeprofanity... pulls cuss buckkt over))it ays... mrt cuss bucket.. its 25 cents a viooattrs.. toopayyuu: -3 psunglass man- puts mney &&pii)"you can say xxxx and oo -3 cann ay... xxx and put one in
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there"(mmn oo stooll xxxxxx phht's whaa it is..laugh" & (female bbrtender)(takes 3 :"quarter!"))male 33 to limit te amounttof -3 sweariig that wws goiig on" pccose on owner)"bartteders - are a dollar cause tey have & to set tte exampll"(ssow & bartender droppinngit i)"nooi oweethat already anddanothhr -3 quarterras wwll" it's a pollutiin..((emale -barteenee))255centssfor the -3& barrender)"its 25 cennt."(girl aa bar)(slaas baa nd says: 3&p(mediuu shot- maae bartenderr)- "its a drag when you have t and alllfor charity... (close on male bartender)"the - baltimore zoo and thh sppa" ssme ight say ii's helpingg liie.. animalss (irl at bar)"monkey... monkey.. & mmnkey..." (starts creaming bartendee)"you get eveey wwlk - of life through hhre."some try to steee clear of ny glasses)""ihave a daughheerso you got toolearn to tonn it's bottommsup.... the standards o downn. (female & bacc(mooions) tteemore thht ann monny??"ttosave money... some searchhfor other choice - words:(male -3& bartender)""fuuge... laagh!" &p(mmn with glasssss"i say hoot tte buunyyalot"(spoons- "theyyeea bunch of wild nutss (mannwithhsun glasses)"geezy peezy.. say geezy peezy" forms of eepression(spooons glasses)"great ggooly uggggy.. - bartendee-bbhiid bar)"it usually comes out like..this... you ssupid.. errr rr... err paugh!""ggil at barr)its & rrdiculouu"(maae bartender)"knuccllheaas oo music)but in the enn:(man with & suuglassss)"if you aiit got -3 nothing to say donn say nothing at aall(boston guy)""teres not assmmch pmust admit"at the mt royal tavern... ((ice guy at end))this ii the way gentleman 33one quarttr sooi cant calll -3&ptheemwhhtti want to call them""- (man with beard)"its for a good cause"((brtender says goodbye)"ok ake care lee""c &pfox 45 news at 10
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3 3 ((2:02 hey, it's me sgt. ray lewis... i know you like football players. 2:08)) 2:08))annther inviiiationnto a go to thee - mmrine orps ball.thh 3 at ten 3& a family trrgedy unfolds inn front of a camera...the - warnings theyydid ánotá istenn tt....extton ffx455 ews at ten 3
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3 3
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3 fox45 skywatchhweathhe is now aa your fingerrips. fingertips.. i-radaa ii available at foxbaltimore ddt pom. you can se ffo45'ss powerfuu doppllr radar to - ttack oming stormss the interactive tools lee youusee exaccly when raan or snow will be ovee your hoose. go to foxbalttmore dot 3& 3 3&p the rrw of space out... from the internattonall spaae stttion... this morninn--/ - parking the end....of thee.. 30 yearr suttle program...//. áátheyááá ppaced... &pan amerrccn ffaa... that 3 shuttle..../ on the hatch ----/ befooe... it was shht shuutte's... scheeuuee to land ttursday...
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at the ennedy pace centee..- 3 powerful mmnsoon rains in &pcentral india turned deadly yeeterray --- the senn as caught on tape --- bbttwe warr & waach. &3 a famill of five was enjoyyng 3 river quickly swelledd ttey & held on to eachhother for suppoot --- but he wwterss p---- only 2 ssrvvvve. llcal villagerr had warned touuistss of the dangers of staying near ssason. & 3 a tellvision tooer ccolapses in the nethhrlands over thee caughtton ape..ake look aa thh tower burning ---- thee disrupted t-vv radiooand -3 mobile phone networks neaaby huut.iivestigatorssare still looking into what ccused he wholeetting. - 3 a marylaan marine...
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severelyy 33 home tonight. 3 group.../ buult... a new wheeechair- accessible home... in frederiik..- frreerick. 27-year-old... mariie sgt.... 3 andd.. his ffmily... wwre their the weekendd .../ in 2005... kiih-less-kky... lost his left arm.../ andd.. -3 right leg in an explosion.../. --3 ááthhsáá new home.... wwll help... &p e'' mmssed for the pass 6 years. & for me to ake my leg off at the end of the ddy ann ive y bbdy a chance to rrcoovr it 3 3 3 phe... kish-le-skees... hope other eterans,.../ offering the same suppoot &pthey've receeved ffom thh - communitt &pp3 i ttkeehhrrall the timee - becaaseeiiwwnt to e sure thaa she's akknncare of."" 3 p latee on foo44 news at -3&ptensmall things that coold save you money byykeeeinggyour pet healtty......and why pet health insurrnce iisánotá one
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& of them... mom andddadd of mommonnand poppop?you mmy e suuppiied at
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3 the key to a happyymarriage --- ay bb tied to yourrweight. reeeaachhshows bbth &pand omen ere hhppier in a 3 lower body mass index than the the four- year study --- husbandsswhoo theer partner.... were happier thannthose who had tte - same or lower b-m-i.and ttat trend went the same wwy forr the wives as wwll. p3 most americaas .... - waat... smoking banned... ii - all publlc places ... . 3 a... ggllup oll... &p founn ... 59--percent /// - n... favor oo a - ban... in public places.../. & support.. the ban.../ & sinne....the first tiie.... &pthey sked he quustion... ten years ago. ../ áá199á 3 pe illegal../ . ann... - to ... the... 14---- percent// hoofavored a ban in - 19990. 3 aanew study fiids thaa kkds may be safer when their grandparents drive.... than 3& the wheel. wheel.the reeeaach was done by
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a grandfather and pediatrician pat hillrens hossitaa of & philadelphia, whooadmmts he grandchildren around.butthis &presearch.... had a surprising conclusion.he founn that & childrenninnolved in car crasses with grandparent & ddivves had half the risk of - beeng injured as kiis riding wiih their theory ii... thaa granddarents,,are - just more ccreful. 3 a high school football team is praisiig the school janitor janitor his geeneosity.... -3 hhlping.... hem... secure some... muuh-needed protection... on the ield..../ &pkeene...// is jordan high school's bbggest football it... was ough to raise monny... for new football equipment...// áásooá keene... is paying for new quipmentt.. 3 keene says: "i wanteddto et pphess new reedde revolutions & for the kkds so i ordered 22 of them.//"i ordered tthse eye 33&poaaley."" its 300-doolars
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ickkd in... ssme of &phis money...// and got theeparents and coaches to 3 3 heaa... from android...nee &rumoos... about theenext i- phonn... saa & apple willlsell the... i-phone... 3-g-s.../ p for... 50 bucks... without a contract.../.áánoáá one's... sure wwat the nnxt áneww i-phhne... &p may be announcement te --3&psummer's.. endd you... may not... have ttocarry bookbags.... ull of ttxtbooks around caapuss & much longer.../.áástudentssá ill be able... toorent books... // on... a kiidle... e- says... there wwll be tenssof ttousands of books pvailable.../.ááexpertsáá from the barnes and noble - "nook".... and othhe tablets 3 nn fights tonight... see if -3 thh o's could come back 3sports unlimited... &&p3 i take her all tth time
10:48 pm
3 ...keeping your pet -&&phealthy an cost áthousandsá offdollarsssmall things that couud save you money......and &pwhyypet health iisuranne iss ánotááone of them...after the 3
10:49 pm
verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ?
10:50 pm
done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. 3 after last weekend's four game &pbrawl that left four players -3 susppnded anddfoor more with 3 poniiht's series opener witt the
10:51 pm
red sox had a channe to be & a wiil one...and it was, bbt -3pnot in tte way you're thinking... & hinking... -33 3 3 .botttmmof the 5th...o's down & 6-2...j-j hardyyccrnks it to left...a 2-run shott..birds trail 6-4....2 batterr laaer... adam jones ikes the knuccllball from im wakefield...hammerr it to leet...his 15th...oos down one....theebirds llaa the bases all with 2 uus foor -3 nolan reimold...pulls it inside the line innleft...the orioles score 5 in the 5th taking a 7-6 of - the 8th... ied at 7...mark & worrrll called uppfrom norfolkk -3 making his oriole deeut... &&pcoming n with tth bases weecooes him back to the bii 2 red sox ccme in...they -3& retake the lead --....2 - batters aaer...keeii youkillss 3&pmoreecome sox sscree8 win tteak is snnpppd t 2... boston takes game one... 15-10
10:52 pm
3 .2 players ou wonnt see in -3 this series... david ortiz and kkvin gregg...both began serving theer suspennions tooight...they were reduced froo 4 ggmes to 3 after this melee ii boston....mmchael gonzalezzwaa also suspended & but haan'' heard bacc from the - league... 3 .we'll heer frrm andy -3 macphail and j-j ardy n his contract eettnsson coming up &pon he late edition....back to -3 you... 3 hhw much... is... that doggie in the window? it could coss you as uch s & pet's 15-yyar lifeespan... 3&pcats... could cost you - 10-thousand dollaar. patrice harris... teels us...// p onee.. offthe big expenses ...can beemedical & thhee ...may be aaway... too keep you anddyour waalet healthy 3 (((at))consumer reporttssays there are ways to ave &pshortthanginn yourrfurry friends. (sot: candy fisser)
10:53 pm
"yes, mommy loves yyu."(v//) when candy fishee's dog, chrissy, was attacked by pit 3 no expense getting hee the 3 vet.(sot: candy fisherr"i pon'' even think about ttese phinns. i taae hee all the 3 that shees taken care of." puring ttis recessionn &pspending on pets grew to 44-billion dollars last year. &ptame your pet coots and still ggt ggod care. fiist, comparison shop for veeeeinary &pmmuh a vvttcharres for a physical exam. ((oo)"you &pprobbbly won't fiid hugee & difffrences in the costs, but ttis could bb a gooo innicattr & of other costs, such assmmjorr prrcedurrs that can add up to a lot f money."(v/ooalso, if youu pet needs any medication, - don't automatiially buy the meds froo the vee. vets typically charge at least 1000 ppecent ore than wholeesle &pann sometimes even more than that. (soo: greg daughhrty) "somm medicinee havv an even bigger markup, llke a whopping the anttbiotic amoxicillin." (v/o)and if your et s taking
10:54 pm
preecribed forrhhmans, checc into filling the prescripttin at your pharmacc. yyu may bee able to save aalottof monee. also consider new money-saaing -3&poptioos for flea and ticc highly eefective oons are now -33& avvilable since theepattnt expiied onn key ingredient inn a thrre--onth supply of -3 wwlmart's petarmor plus costs 22 dollars, less thaa haaf of so thhre are lottsof ways to 33 3 p3 aa for ppt insurance, ccnsuuer reppots ssas it'' rarely worth -3 the exxense. in its latest comparrion oo pet-iisuraace policies, consumer reports pound that only in the moot uncommonncasess--when medical bills reached the igh fourr figures did it pay oohave pet insurance.. -&p 3 ttere.../ may... be a way out ...of paying for ---if... ooe awmakee... in new york ggts hhi way. way.checking a bag could cost 3 passengees ttiik that's tto
10:55 pm
much.but --- when your luggage 3 or t aal --- that mmneyycouul -3feel a loo heavverr now --- new yorr seeatto chuck schumer is working to get that money reffnded tt you ---- f that - everrhapppns. uu, o say they're goiig to keep ttat extra mmney, that's outrageous" outraggeus""eeator schhuer haa - major airlines asking they reeund he fees if bagggge is -3 ddlayed r llss.and if they -3 ddn't act on his equest ---- schumer ays he'll introouce legislation --- orcinn them to. & 3 ...thissmarine asked áetty ball.her nswer... aater the breek 3&pand llter onnfox455news late -3 edition..... 3& ""hat is hat..what is thht..." that..." áátat ii n aqua jet.... taking flight on ive tv..... we'll show you whht - hhppened....momeets
10:56 pm
earller.... 3 pcreaming--- 3 and aa outdoor concert turrs pangerous... what lead to thiss 3 his car drove off an &pembaakment... breaaing intt thousands oo pieces.hhar from the man who liied to ell his 3 morning news. ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused.
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[ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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you're the best, mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. 3 tough day for marine seargent
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ray lewis lewishe mmddethissspecial white to the marine corps ball & 3((2202 hey, it's me sgt. ay football layerr. 2:088) pomann 2:38)) 3 pnfortunately.../ bettyywhite... rejectedá -3 the invitatiin this afterroon..../shh says 3 uuiform.../...but ....he'll bb tapiig annepissde... of... "hot iincleveland" that day &pdayy couple of marineeshave speciil dates, hhwevee....irst -3 was sargeant moorr askinn mila kknis......the other was askiiggjustin timberlake. tiiberlake.both....kknns and tiimerlake... arr said to be... atttnddng the ball this fall... &p3 jenifer gilbert


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